Free Doodle Calendar 2023

Your 2023 Calendar, specially crafted from your favorite doodle artist!!!
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Mauritian Creole 🐒
Azio PAPA, enn lot banane pe vini! Lepok zanfan, nu kontan sonn petar dan boutey labiere phoenix lor bor lamer. Ti enn mari plezir. Apre nu degaze sove akoz nu tro per so dife. Lerla kas nu poz ek admir so leytinsel flanbwayan. Mo swet zot zoli bonane 2023!

English 😎
Azio PAPA, the new year is coming! When we were kids, we loved firing fireworks from the Pheonix beer bottles by the beach. It was our great pleasure. Afterwards, we ran as fast as possible to escape from the fireworks area because we were afraid of their fires that ignite very quickly. Then, we take a pose and admire the flamboyant sparkles. I wish you a very happy new year 2023!

Français 🥸
Azio PAPA, la nouvelle année arrive! Quand nous étions enfants, on s’amusait aux tirs de feux d’artifice dans les bouteilles de bières de la marque Pheonix. C’etait notre grand plaisir. Après, on courait le plus rapide possible pour s’échapper de la zone des feux d’artifice parce qu’on avait peur de leur feux qui s’enflamment très vite. Ensuite, nous prenons la pose et admirons leur étincelles flamboyantes. Je vous souhaite un très bonne année 2023!

*** “Azio”, same as “AYO” is our Mauritian slang word. Anytime, anywhere, when you hear “AYO”, you know a Mauritian person is nearby. 😂
*** “PAPA” means dad.
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