About Dreamdoodle

Dreamdoodle is the story of Celia Pang Kin Lan, a doodle artist, graphic designer and illustrator with over 8 years of experience based in Toronto, Canada. She was born and raised from Mauritius, an island found in the Indian Ocean and has been living in Toronto now for 2 years. From a young age, she was always interested into drawing till reaching university and workplace culture, where she discovered doodle art as a personal hobby which afterwards became part of her freelance projects.

Her art is recognized for black and white illustrations and using vibrant colors lately to depict inspiration from nature, tropical vibes & marine life, culture, instant thoughts and positive memo. She loves to participate in actions where marine disaster is involved because she cannot stand seeing disastrous ocean pollution. Drop her a note and let’s see how we can raise funds to save our marine life.

She likes to carry her notebook & markers around in every country she travelled and doodle when an idea pops up. As per her experience, she specializes in logo design, editorial layout design, branding, advertising campaign, packaging design, illustration, photo retouching, photography, indoor & outdoor mural painting, live painting for event, crafts making, etc…

When she is not designing and or working, she loves to hike in nature, travelling and baking some Mauritian pastries.

If you are looking for personalized doodles or any design for your project, drop her a line at dreamdoodlemu@gmail.com for inquiries and let’s doodle your soul for art.